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Best way for businesses to deliver stuff

Always on time at every place where people need your products. Sell much more than before now!

About us

We are a group of dedicated, highly professional staff within the field of courier services.

We are ready to give solutions tailored to customer needs and requirements. To confirm elevated precision in our services, we have developed a complete infrastructure required to handle both national and international delivery of shipments. .

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Some facts

Why people choose us?

  • Delivery up to 24 hours
  • Stuff always protected
  • Low prices
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Why CallCourier is the best?

CallCourier values every customer it picks up from and delivers to.

It's all about the service and quality. we outshine by delivering to every nook and corner of Pakistan at very affordable charges through a 100% secure shipment and with the offer of cash on delivery everywhere, our COD service is one of our major strengths for it being the very best in the market. furthermore, our slogan " Smart Deliveries " ensures that we continuously strive to deliver seamlessly and delivery, even in case of any discrepancies or ambiguities. with every approachable and courteous staff and highly trained CSR's in our state of the art call center, we provide remarkable services to our valued clients.

Mr. Adil J Mansoor

Chairman Excel Group

Our vision is to contribute to the industry with our age-long experience and professional spirit. At every concern of the Excel Group, we aspire to acquire excellence in our professional standards. That is how we guarantee our clientele the quality of our goods and services.

Mr. Jawad Mirza

MD CallCourier

At CallCourier, we take great pride in meticulously providing all our clients with customized solutions, maintaining the highest possible quality standards within the given timelines, and generating the fastest possible pickup and delivery times across the country.

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